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Thank You

I am not good with words and specially not when it comes to stuff like this. And I know, you shouldn't do this with a photo. But this is the best way to reach all this people because I know, each one of them is checking my photos regularly.


About a year ago, my life fell apart. And this people, and many many more, helped me through this time. Ok, here it comes.


Thank You ...

... to Steve the mentor for guiding me, the best mate in the world

... to Leona and Potzkoten for being there and giving me shelter

... to Mom and Dad for being Mom and Dad

... to Andy and Iris for talking

... to Lydia and Sp3cter for bringing me back to the social life

... to Teymur and Alex for the good times

... to my boss and his wife for the big support

... to the whole office crew for the big support

... to the walex crew, you crazy fuckers

... to Betty for the great shows

... to Tina and Speedy for listening

... to Trent Reznor, Lifetime, Title Fight, Tool, A Wilhelm Scream and American Nightmare for playing music

... to Günter for the amazing peace of art on my arm

... to Bernward for teaching me

... to Zoriah for the advice

... to Matthias, Josef and Jeannette for the free spot in their car


Thank You to all my flickr friends for the inspiration and the comments!!!


A big Thank You to all the people who use my photos in their blogs, websites, arts, prints, magazines, as their wallpaper and even CD/LP covers. Thank You!!!


I am sure I missed some fellers. Sorry! And everybody who knows me knows what comes next. A song!


"...These last few years I've been struggling

and I'm tired of keeping low profile

so now it's time to show that I'm alive...


I'm gonna change my life

Change my plans

Change my vans

Even start to dance now

Change my thoughts

Change my socks

Change my moves

Even change my Pro Fighter Q for you


No it's not for you

This one's just for me"


Let's see where I am in one year. Good times ahead.

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Taken on October 19, 2010