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Morning Light over Saxony | by Xindaan
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Morning Light over Saxony

4:30, 5:30, and now this one is 6:30 in the series. Don't worry, there won't be a picture every hour, there have to be dramatic changes per time, so only one or two are left. :)


As the previous ones, this picture shows the view from the Bastei, a rock formation rising about 190 meters above the river Elbe which you can see in the picture. The village you can see there is Rathen, divided by the river Elbe, one of the main centers of tourism in Saxon Switzerland. On the horizon, you can see a few Mesas, among them the Lilienstein, the most famous one, as well as the fortress Königsstein on the right hand side.


The Bastei is part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, a mountain range in the border region between Germany and the Czech Republic, referred to the Saxon Switzerland in the German, and Bohemian Switzerland in the czech side. Both are declared national parks. The mountain range is the cause of a large sediment of sandstone created during the Cretaceus, which has been later laid free and thus became victim of erosion processes, mostly by the river Elbe.


This picture was taking during the Easter days (Saturday). Easter 2009 had wonderful weather in Germany with warm days, causing fog to rise during the colder night. You can see that right where the river is in front of the mesa, the Lilienstein.


The exposure time was 1/13 seconds at an aperture of 8 and ISO 200. Low ISO for the noise, aperture 8 is optimum for lens sharpness. The lens of choice again was the Tokina 11-16 at 11 mm.


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Taken on April 11, 2009