The Sphinx

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    Désormais tu n'es plus, ô matière vivante!
    Qu'un granit entouré d'une vague épouvante,
    Assoupi dans le fond d'un Sahara brumeux;
    Un vieux sphinx ignoré du monde insoucieux,
    Oublié sur la carte, et dont l'humeur farouche
    Ne chante qu'aux rayons du soleil qui se couche.

    (Charles Baudelaire)

    Hinfort, beseelter Staub, wirst du nichts andrem gleichen
    Als dem granitnen Stein, den Schrecknisse umschleichen,
    Der in dem Nebeldunst der stummen Wüste träumt!
    Der Sphinx, die man vergass, vor der kein Fuss mehr säumt,
    Die niemand kennt, und die in wilder Laune Qualen
    Ihr einsam Lied nur singt den roten Abendstrahlen.

    (Charles Baudelaire, Übersetzung: unbekannt)

    From henceforth, living matter, you are nought
    But stone surrounded by a dreadful thought:
    Lost in some dim Sahara, an old Sphinx,
    Of whom the world we live in never thinks.
    Lost on the map, it is its surly way
    Only to sing in sunset's fading ray.

    (Charles Baudelaire, translation: Roy Campbell)

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    1. PhotoJack 111 months ago | reply

      FT:Red followed by blue (see next photo). This dark red implies seeing with greater or aided vision - perhaps infrared perception. As humans we only use a small, actually tiny slice of the total light wave spectrum of information opportunity. Hence the image and the poem match very closely.

    2. faria! 111 months ago | reply

      surreal and shocking!


    3. Gypsy Flores Photography 111 months ago | reply

      Love the red and the perspective.

    4. Vanda's Pictures 111 months ago | reply

      Wow, this is really gorgeous, an instant favourite. It should be a postcard.
      (love photography)

    5. ***Karen 111 months ago | reply

      Wonderful red on the mysterious Spinx!

    6. DiehardCanonUser 111 months ago | reply

      The red looks really angry...still, I'd buy this postcard off a stand anytime. well done!

    7. Lady Vervaine 111 months ago | reply

      Oh wow! This is incredible work - that red makes the image so powerful! Love the Baudelaire, too :)

    8. Christine Lebrasseur 111 months ago | reply

      This picture is one of the 20 most interesting picture of the "Red and Black Only group", congratulations :)
      The 20 most interesting pictures of the

    9. Christine Lebrasseur 105 months ago | reply

      Cette association serait parfaite pour notre premier "contest" sur Baudelaire :)

      This association would be perfect for our first contest about Baudelaire :)

    10. Christine Lebrasseur 105 months ago | reply

      Thanks for your participation to our "Baudelaire Contest", please don't forget to vote :)

      Merci pour votre participation à notre "Concours Baudelaire", merci de ne pas oublier de voter :)

      Seen in a discussion of *Poetry in french_tag "frenchpoetry"_ 1 year !. (?)

    11. GooseGoddessS 103 months ago | reply

      Thank You for sharing this in
      Historical Landmarks from Around the World theme at
      The World Through My Eyes

    12. YouKnowYouKnow 99 months ago | reply

      Vielleicht so die Wortbedeutungen:

      Von nun an, oh lebendiger Stoff!, bist du nur noch
      ein Granit, umgeben von einem vagen Entsetzen,
      eingenickt auf dem Grund einer staubigen Sahara;

      Eine alte Sphinx, über die die sorglose Welt hinwegsieht,
      auf der Karte vergessen, und deren scheue Laune
      nur die Strahlen der untergehenden Sonne bezaubert.

    13. Jishnu Nandy 83 months ago | reply

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    14. zenpod 80 months ago | reply

      From that angle the sphinx reminds me of my girlfriend: majestic, proud, and her nose was shot off by French soldiers.

    15. ★ Percy Germany™ ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻ 76 months ago | reply

      Hallo, ich bin der Administrator der Gruppe Ägyptengruppe, und wir würden uns freuen, wenn Du dies zu unserer Gruppe hinzufügen würdest.

    16. Grand-Pappà, charrette... 39 months ago | reply

      Belle photo en Rouge et Noir,
      vous êtes invité à la poster sur :
      Rouge et Noir
      "Rouge et Noir"

    17. ken60480 [deleted] 13 months ago | reply

      Losing sand is voluble in the more "platonic view".

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