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i do not want yahoo or flickr to be owned by microsoft.


why? because microsoft is not a customer oriented company. they're an enterprise company. they have a terrible record when it comes to customer service, customer privacy, and customer choice.


they rarely innovate, and when they can't, they use their enormous coffers to try to buy up someone else's wow-factor.


and it never works. you know internet explorer? the worst web browser in existence? well it exists because microsoft missed the boat on the internet in the early 90s, bought a partially complete web browser from another company, then violated the terms of their contract, and then continued to leave the browser broken.


i thought that yahoo's announcement to adopt openID was great news, and i doubt microsoft will follow through on that. passport, anyone?


and while i don't think that yahoo and it's properties are going to radically change right away; they will be tainted, and grow more so as time goes on.


and it's not that i'm worried that the sky is falling or anything like that, i just don't like the idea. period.

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Taken on February 1, 2008