• all the text is in Thai.

Kitchen wall at unicorn precinct (hacker house, SF)

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(shot on treo)

  1. Walsh 112 months ago | reply

    i have one in my barn:

  2. Blacknell 112 months ago | reply

    We need treo's with better cameras, don't we?

  3. mbrewer 111 months ago | reply

    How about just using a camera instead of a phone?

  4. xeni 111 months ago | reply

    Well in a perfect world, I'm always carrying a camera when I see something worth shooting. But at the moment I saw this, I was lugging around a bunch of radio production gear and focusing entirely on gathering sound for this NPR report. Sometimes, you can only carry so much stuff and focus on so many things at once. The nice thing about carrying around a multifunction phone is that I'm always carrying it anyway, and it takes, oh, ten seconds and zero forethought to reach in my pocket, grab it, shoot, and done. I'd rather have a crappy phonecam snapshot than none at all.

  5. markwgallagher 111 months ago | reply

    i've always wondered why we don't take a series of smaller shots and autostitch them together for a higher resolution photo?

  6. fbz_ 110 months ago | reply

    markwgallagher: that is a great idea. i think i will write some scripts to autostitch my phonecam photos.

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