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Pirated DVD: leaked copy of Fantastic Four (not)

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Box art from an abominable bootleg of Fantastic Four (the 1994 Roger Corman turkey, not the as-yet-unreleased 2005 edition) which I purchased in Santee Alley, Los Angeles, for $5 on June 4, 2005. Wired News story here, Boing Boing post here.

If you look at one of the larger sizes, you can see that the credits were lifted from a Chow-Yun Fat movie.

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  1. Ben Compton ages ago | reply

    I'm a fan of the source-less "Two thumbs up!" überquote.

  2. Interlaced ages ago | reply

    Wow so many boots, so little time.
    I might start designing my own goonies 2 one now.

  3. mikemariano ages ago | reply

    "Dr. Reed Richard?"

    Perhaps this is a sign that there will be a name change in this film a la Bruce/David Banner.

  4. iota ages ago | reply

    I will now begin all of my descriptive text with the heading STORY.

  5. nyquil ages ago | reply

    How is the quality of the video on this? I downloaded the '94 corman version some time ago, but it was really really lousy picture and sound, almost as unwatchable as the film itself.

  6. will2pwr ages ago | reply

    my gf likes it

  7. xeni ages ago | reply

    the quality of the video is very bad. it is almost as bad as the movie itself. almost.

  8. mawu2007 95 months ago | reply

    In the bottom right corner of the back cover is the "Fox Televison Studios" logo!

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