Day #172 - 1/27/08 - End of the Weekend

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    I don't wanna go to school tomorrow. I just want to shut the whole world away and sleep until I'm well rested.

    I'm hoping that this week will be better than the last.

    My hair is full of chlorine from my jacuzzi and I need to brush my teeth. I want to make cupcakes tomorrow but I don't have enough ingredients and hate going to the store. Blegh.

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    1. SaylaMarz ages ago | reply

      you're adorable. Cute socks!

    2. Sweet~Vanilla ages ago | reply

      I hate being tired - I get all feisty and mean and it's not prety.

      A jacuzzi is a spa right ?

    3. endurable dime [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I slept away the flu last week and have to go to school this week... and I'd rather stay home and snuggle with my pillows and just read all the work I'm supposed to be caught up on. (But hey, actually wanting to read stuff for class is pretty good!)

    4. vertigelt ages ago | reply

      Yup. jacuzzi = hot tub

      Yeah, I never want to go to work again. And I love my job. But I'd rather read good books, enjoy the sunshine filtering through the windows, and maybe get something done just for me. Alas, people actually depend on me and my input, and, well... this is what I wanted to do.

      On my best days, though, I wish I could go back to school. Both for the lifestyle and for the learning. 'twas prime... Enjoy it.

    5. Sweet~Vanilla ages ago | reply

      Ok wait - now is there a difference between a jacuzzi and a hot tub (like is one indoor one outdoors) or are they one in the same ?

      It may seem like a stupid question but we just call them spa's - if it's inside in the bathroom it's a spa bath if it's outdoors as a stand alone or connected to a pool it's still just a spa.

    6. Photo_Of_The_Week ages ago | reply

      Jacuzzis in the United States are sometimes refered to as "hot tubs". Although, technically a "true" hot tub, has very hot water, hotter than what you'd find in a Jacuzzi. A Jacuzzi has jets and is whirlpool like. (hot water yes, but not like that of a true hot tub.)

      Indoor out outdoor doesn't effect the definition.

    7. Photo_Of_The_Week ages ago | reply

      gorgeous legs!

    8. Sweet~Vanilla ages ago | reply

      Sweet - sorry to hijack your pic with my blonde-ness Xelia !!

    9. snogged ages ago | reply

      I love the glasses and this shot is adorable

    10. 1ragincajun ages ago | reply

      I just bought some valentine cupcakes for the girls.... (tiny little ones)
      I have to vacuum every time they eat.

    11. 10032 Dazed! ages ago | reply the socks and the glasses!

    12. likeable word [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Fantastic portrait...I Love it

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