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Confessions of a street photographer

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I was walking in the streets of Oaxaca in Mexico and I was impressed by the number of poor people in the streets, begging for 1 Mexican peso which is 0,07 USD…


And then there was this very old and skinny man playing endlessly the same chords, looking at nothing in special, maybe blind. It’s the kind of scene where I think “Oh my god… I need to take a picture of this” and immediately my finger is itching but, almost at the same time, an internal voice says… “Common it’s not a zoo here… leave this poor guy alone, maybe he just does not want to be taken in picture you know”. Yeah that’s the internal fight happening inside me. Does this happen to you as well?


The thing is that I love to take pictures of people. I am not so much a landscape guy… I need people, faces and emotions in my pictures.


I ended up taking that pic and almost as a “forgive me dude” I dropped some coins in the hat in front of him… feeling a bit ashamed but well… that´s the way it is.

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Taken on November 14, 2009