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    1. gmandelman 44 months ago | reply

      But the iPhone 4 (and iPad) don't come in turquoise...or ruby...or mandarin...or slate...or

    2. Spider-Mac 44 months ago | reply

      There is an error. The iMac of the photo is the "Bondi Blue", introduced May 1998, discontinued January 1999

    3. Simply Fred 44 months ago | reply

      I'm impatient to see 2020 !

    4. tsevis 43 months ago | reply

      There is NO industry like the IT industry! And there is NO IT company like Apple!

    5. tsevis 43 months ago | reply

      Spider Mac is correct though.

    6. deepakfunki 43 months ago | reply

      incredible comparison....

    7. LooknFeel 43 months ago | reply

      You've summed up the history of computing.

    8. jdandjenni2001 [deleted] 43 months ago | reply

      In another ten years it'll be the size of a pin and have no buttons.

    9. Gold Pan Inn 43 months ago | reply

      Actually, the standard hard drive on the original Bondi iMac (pictured above) introduced in 1998 was 4GB. I doubt 30GB hard drives were even available as an option. I bought a special edition DV iMac in 2000 with a gargantuan 13GB hard drive. Here's a link to various Mac specs:

    10. GPhace 42 months ago | reply

      can't wait to see what we will have in another 10 years

    11. krissyl47 42 months ago | reply

      HAHAHAAAA I like how that is what you notice....love it.

    12. Zach "Pie" Inglis 41 months ago | reply

      They're both completely different items. It'd be far more relevant to use the iMac in the comparison than the iPhone.

    13. J W Corey 41 months ago | reply

      Take it for what it is: Just an interesting graphic to make you go "hmm" and "wow, we've come a long way".

      That's all.

    14. Brett Jordan 41 months ago | reply

      thanks jw, pretty much my intention :-)

    15. macnewbie2011 37 months ago | reply

      cool comparison :=)

    16. V.Stegesaurus 18 months ago | reply

      You should make another comparison image similar to this one but use the iPhone 5, and compare it to the 1984 OG Macintosh! The differences would almost be too large.. ;p

    17. lopez4949™ 18 months ago | reply

      im sorry to admit that the new SAMSUNG GALAXY S III is a thinner and superior product, perhaps Apple should stop having it's stuff made in Asia for they will only copy it for themselves! -lopez4949

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