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1962 ... Seattle World's Fair

STAMP-Bucky Fuller POPULUXE-..lighting-fixtures TREES-08 TREES-07 BUSHES-02 1959 ... Case Study House #22 - nightime -Pierre Koening arch. 1960- Case Study #22--int. color -Pierre Koening arch. 1949--Engleberg House--Harry Harrison arch. 1962 - Seattle World's Fair , pavilion kitchen - "green-o-pink" 1957 - atomic cake saver lonely cactus... 1962 - Space Needle cutaway 1954 - "opto-illusino" flooring EXPO-67  Habitat EXPO-67 ussr pavilion Glass House, dusk - Philip Johnson arch. Glass House - Philip Johnson arch. ...plenty of parking the Starlight Room

... the cool that's cooler than cool!

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d.teil says:

amazing set! thanks for sharing!
Posted 98 months ago. ( permalink )

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Mid-Century Corbin says:

AMAZING!!!! One of the best sets if not best I have seen and enjoyed! Thanks!!
Posted 88 months ago. ( permalink )

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svennyzooi says:

Great collection! Really inspiring, thank you very much!
Posted 39 months ago. ( permalink )

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