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Norman Rockwell's work continues to amaze me. As an advertising photographer I have studied it for over three decades. He worked from photos, had his own photographer and often carefully arranged the models, costumes and props. [Most painters also work from reference photos.] His habit of "cropping"
the edges of his paintings is very photographic.

It is hard for me to remember that these paintings are not "nostalgic".
They are about contemporary subjects and themes. As an example the Rumble Seat painting was done in 1933; when rumble seats were at the height of their use.

Norman Rockwell's work has been criticized unfairly for portraying a world too idyllic for the taste of cynics. He was an illustrator not a politician and his work reflected the times he was in. Later in his life, when his editors assigned him more topical subjects, he responded with strong, true images that spoke to the conscience of America.

I am surprised by the lack of high quality images of Rockwell's work on the internet.
I hope this collection will help.

I consider Norman Rockwell's art to be a part of American History and trust you will regard these scans with the sanctity they deserve.

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