1951 ... Klaatu's ace in the hole!

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    'The Day the Earth Stood Still'

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    1. x-ray delta one 32 months ago | reply


      ... the AV Kid says that gort has his own 'wiki' page
      Way to go Gort!

      ... and can't resist a chance to get in a good clip-

    2. HELLO CHICAGO 32 months ago | reply

      Not really a movie villain. Klaatu called Gort an interstellar policeman who enforces the peace with death and destruction (?)

    3. hardyakkaman 32 months ago | reply

      Why they did a remake of the movie is beyond me.

    4. HELLO CHICAGO 32 months ago | reply

      I actually liked the remake mind you not as much as the original.

    5. The Fenriswolf 32 months ago | reply

      I liked it up until we found out Gort was made out of tiny robot bugs. It seemed the writers couldn't figure out how to get out of the plot hole they dug so they threw the script up into the air and asked a seven year old how the movie should end.

    6. Douglas606 32 months ago | reply

      My neighbor lady saw this man in her bedroom about a year ago....now she has a baby with strange eyes.

    7. wampyr 32 months ago | reply

      what a masterpiece

    8. HELLO CHICAGO 32 months ago | reply

      I hate how movies rely so much on phony looking CGI rather than real props. The only time CGI passed my stamp of approval was in the Jurassic Park movies. TDTESS2 certainly has its weak points. I guess I liked the way Reeves played the alien. That's about it.

    9. EmBee's Web 32 months ago | reply

      Gort, Ace, hole? Interstellar policeman? Klaatu? Are you just making all of this up for fun?

    10. HELLO CHICAGO 32 months ago | reply

      Gort's real problem was going to the bathroom. Enlarged prostate too.

    11. the real night train 32 months ago | reply

      I've always enjoyed that movie. Michael Rennie was great. I love his speech saying in essence "Don't make Gort go back there with the belt."

    12. docarelle 32 months ago | reply

      Why does Gort wear underpants?

    13. HELLO CHICAGO 32 months ago | reply

      Those are Depends. He has a flow problem.

    14. docarelle 32 months ago | reply

      And I am going to have to agree with you on this. :-)

    15. tonalbuilder2002 31 months ago | reply

      Klaatu Barada Nikto! Avoids disintegration. Memorize it.

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