1957 ... some details may vary!

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    artist- Rafael de Soto

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    1. x-ray delta one 32 months ago | reply

      ... having been a 'fashion-photographer' all of my life I can testify that this is in fact a typical work day.

      Now- have you ever thought of buying a bridge?

    2. Sea Moon 32 months ago | reply

      Strange , exotic, beautiful women...with cigarette breath...

    3. Steampunk Beatnik [deleted] 32 months ago | reply

      I had no idea that they delivered!

    4. Phil Sidek 32 months ago | reply

      hey thats my trailer

    5. BarryFackler 32 months ago | reply

      Light a joint and off come the clothes!

    6. bunæn 32 months ago | reply

      Are you kidding? Just imagine you're kissing some kind of divine ash tray.

    7. r8r 32 months ago | reply

      a compelling marketing pitch!

    8. the real night train 32 months ago | reply

      I went into the wrong line of work.

    9. TheUnrequitedTV 32 months ago | reply

      ...you can re-post all the pictures of half-naked women you want...in fact you can re-post nothing but pictures of half-naked women...

    10. The Fenriswolf 32 months ago | reply

      But do they haul off the old used ones?

    11. DEM's Book Shelves 32 months ago | reply

      It's just an empty cargo hauler. What a cheapskate ! You'd think he'd pay for a small trailer, something with some facilities !

    12. Steampunk Beatnik [deleted] 32 months ago | reply

      Only if still under warranty, I think...

    13. MichaelB in Houston 32 months ago | reply

      As a photographer, I can tell you that this is exactly like a real life shoot.

    14. PappaDom 32 months ago | reply

      Hang on, he's either very chummy with the girls, or one of them had to ride in the trailer coz that convertible looks pretty small to me. Unless... the photographer is a LADY and she's decided to get her keks off too!

    15. 00anders 18 months ago | reply

      Isn't this amazing image in a pair with this very disturbing image-and of course it comes from you!

      "What do you do on weekends? Nothing special,cruising around "hunting girls"...":

    16. HELLO CHICAGO 18 months ago | reply

      With my luck that trailer would be full of guys.

    17. morbiusx33 17 months ago | reply

      What goes on behind closed trailer doors? These girls are enjoying themselves more than you think.

    18. HELLO CHICAGO 17 months ago | reply

      The Mustang ranch on wheels. They come to you.

    19. HELLO CHICAGO 17 months ago | reply

      Regarding the title, in what way are they Strange?

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