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    1. BarryFackler 36 months ago | reply

      "Visit North Korea. We're Eager to Welcome You!"

    2. • • • • • • • • • • • • 36 months ago | reply

      -And all without even so much as a cup of tea for breakfast.

    3. Posteriormente [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

    4. The Fenriswolf 36 months ago | reply

      Further budget cuts meant a severe shortage of cannons. However, Private Wang came up with a solution to deliver shells to the target on foot.

    5. Posteriormente [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

      "30 minutes or it's free"

    6. Shrike58 36 months ago | reply

      I wonder what the vintage of this poster is. I suppose it doesn't matter; Stalinist propaganda is infinitely recyclable.

    7. 5150PLB 36 months ago | reply

      Comes complete with exploding fortune cookies.

    8. rickb460 36 months ago | reply

      "Hmmm, maybe can trade shell for bowl of rice...or...maybe not!"

    9. HELLO CHICAGO 36 months ago | reply

      What year is this poster? Here's a really dumb question.... why did we fight the communist in Korea only to leave half of the country in communist hands?

    10. x-ray delta one 36 months ago | reply

      ... because we couldn't win?

    11. Posteriormente [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

      Or shouldn't win...

    12. StevenM_61 35 months ago | reply

      It must had something to do with President Truman firing General MacArthur.

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