1966 ... time lapse- Gemini-Titan launch

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    1. pmcconst 25 months ago | reply

      This is interesting!

    2. DEM's Book Shelves 25 months ago | reply

      The image always struck me as a Brobdignagian mousetrap.

    3. knighthawk682 25 months ago | reply

      so cool a photo!!!

    4. the real night train 25 months ago | reply

      Very nice! Film rules for this kind of shot, since you don't have to fool around with PS. Would love to know the settings the photographer used.

    5. media_cowboy 25 months ago | reply

      And they said starting Word War III would be easy.

    6. Michael Paul Smith 25 months ago | reply

      Barry and Chicago have been really quiet on this one, so I'll step up to the mic....
      Oh, the Gemini Launch with the Viagra function engaged!

    7. HELLO CHICAGO 25 months ago | reply

      Well OK......Is that your rocket or are you just happy to see me?

    8. mgabrys 25 months ago | reply

      Heyyyy my dad's rocket! Capable of lifting a single 9 megaton nuclear warhead right to your door on the other side of the world in 15 minutes - and the pizza was free (because all that would remain of you would look like flattened pepperoni with cheese and extra tomato, or worse - crazy bread)

    9. DEM's Book Shelves 24 months ago | reply

      Lake, it's a NASA or LIFE photo from the mid-60s. But I'm sure the photographer wherever he is would thank you.

    10. x-ray delta one 24 months ago | reply

      ... some folks never learn- sheeze!

    11. Boston Harold 23 months ago | reply

      The weapon's version nuclear tipped Titan ICBM was launched from a hardened underground silo...

    12. morbiusx33 7 months ago | reply

      I think this is Gemini 4. I watched this launch live on T.V. in June 1965.

    13. media_cowboy 4 months ago | reply

      Launches like this take strength, endurance, timing, anticipation, rhythm. Then there is a space program.

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