1953 ... 'Salome'

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    Stewart Grainger and Rita Hayworth in 'Salome'

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    1. HELLO CHICAGO 37 months ago | reply

      X is searching for Youtube video right now. He'll be right back.

    2. x-ray delta one 37 months ago | reply

      ... okay- here comes the AV Kid, he's out of breath. He had to go down to the lower dungeons of the video archives which is the appropriate place to keep all the Biblical Epics.
      .... one of the big spectacle trailers with one of the original 'guy with voice' guys-

    3. x-ray delta one 37 months ago | reply

      ... you guy's corrupted me, now all I can hear is Curley saying-
      "... ah- Salami!"

      ... here- we'd better watch SCTV's version of 'Ben Hur'

    4. Era: '51 - Gone to Ipernity 37 months ago | reply

      My favorite luncheon meat.

    5. The Fenriswolf 37 months ago | reply

      Before there were Blue Movies there was live action.

    6. rickb460 37 months ago | reply

      And look at all those B-Bar-B Riders in the back!

    7. Douglas606 37 months ago | reply

      Just one of Michelle's 170 parties in the past three years. Such a fun DC couple.

    8. EmBee's Web 37 months ago | reply

      Those are cute shoes... but where are her toes?

    9. EmBee's Web 37 months ago | reply

      Bottom left - "This place is crowded enough without you party crashers! I'll show you how we deal with people who didn't get an invitation!"

    10. axeman3d 37 months ago | reply

      Rita Hayworth is a spectator sport now?

    11. Michael Paul Smith 37 months ago | reply

      Salami, Salami, Baloney!

    12. Giles Watson's poetry and prose 37 months ago | reply

      So now I know why, when she asked for a head on a platter, there was somebody willing to give it to her...

    13. StevenM_61 37 months ago | reply

      How Caesar's Palace became a resort.

    14. HELLO CHICAGO 37 months ago | reply

      Where's all the salami jokes?

    15. the real night train 37 months ago | reply

      You got there first. I salute you, sir.

    16. zippythesimshead 37 months ago | reply

      I loves me some Stewart Granger.
      He looks a lot like Chris Noth (or vice versa) in profile

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