... for spacious skies!

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    1. rickb460 38 months ago | reply

      Love it!!, Thank you.

    2. HELLO CHICAGO 38 months ago | reply

      I hate to say this but little Johnny in front needs to visit the bathroom - NOW !!

    3. The Fenriswolf 38 months ago | reply

      Looks like little Sally next to him is in no better condition.

    4. EmBee's Web 38 months ago | reply

      Fine choice, Delta One. I wonder why don't I see more upbeat ads like this about the value of our freedoms and appreciating those who are protecting them today? Not that the more somber ones aren't very important. But perhaps the modern ads similar to this one are just in magazines that I don't read.

    5. The Fenriswolf 38 months ago | reply

      I think that would be an outhouse break.

    6. axeman3d 38 months ago | reply

      No coloured kid enjoying the freedom?

    7. nlpnt 38 months ago | reply

      As soon as the war's over, they're sooo closing this schoolhouse and the others like it, and building a modern consolidated school.

    8. rickb460 38 months ago | reply

      Its Kansas in the 1940's, not very many blacks living there. Now if it was South Carolina then yeah. However, I noticed you spelled "colored" as "coloured". Are you perhaps from Britain, if so you may not have been aware of midwest demographics. My ex was from that area and when I went there to visit relatives I found town after town with no black people and that was in 1980!

    9. mgabrys 38 months ago | reply

      Crotch grabbing is so cute at that age.

    10. PappaDom 38 months ago | reply

      I think little Johnny has a uterine infection. Fortunately for Sally, she just has worms.

    11. HELLO CHICAGO 38 months ago | reply

      I'd rather have the infection than the worms.

    12. zyzak 38 months ago | reply

      by the summer of 1853, it was clear that eastern Kansas would soon be opened to American settlers. The Commissioner of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, negotiated new treaties that would assign new reservations with annual federal subsidies for the Indians. Nearly all the tribes in the eastern part of the Territory ceded the greater part of their lands prior to the passage of the Kansas territorial act in 1854, and were eventually moved south to the future state of Oklahoma.

    13. PappaDom 38 months ago | reply

      Ok, but what if the worms are infected? Would that meet with your approval, Mr Choosy?

    14. HELLO CHICAGO 37 months ago | reply

      (X-Ray was here)

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