... waiting it out!

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    from- Jello Kitty

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    1. Badger 23 / jezevec 38 months ago | reply

      No guns for the mutants? Sitting ducks, I say.

    2. Era: '51 - Gone to Ipernity 38 months ago | reply

      Tell Richard Nixon to doff his jacket; he might be a while.

    3. BarryFackler 38 months ago | reply

      The plumbing seems to be lacking a toilet. That's gonna make the wait even longer.

    4. TheUnrequitedTV 38 months ago | reply

      ...nothing says "food below" better than a periscope and air filter...

    5. Douglas606 38 months ago | reply

      I always wear clean underwear and dress semi-formally for a nuclear attack.

    6. axeman3d 38 months ago | reply

      It looks like a nuclear apocalypse has interrupted their dinner party. They have supplies for a good hour or more, so with any luck it will all be over by then.

    7. Shannon Ocean 38 months ago | reply

      Looks like little Sally has suffered some radiation-face-melting. I wonder if there's any morphine in there?

    8. The Fenriswolf 38 months ago | reply

      Nice they included an antenna on that radio to catch that EMP burst.

    9. pmcconst 38 months ago | reply

      You'd think that they would put the periscope further away from the bulky entry hatch for a better range of view.

    10. Distant Eye 38 months ago | reply

      Batteries. Lots and lots of batteries.

    11. sdbanjo2011 38 months ago | reply

      It was all so simple back then. Dig a hole, throw in some provisions, done! I think Pops Nixon has realized he put a sink in but no toilet, and that things are going to get very awkward in another hour.

    12. Badger 23 / jezevec 38 months ago | reply

      Never mind the radiation, who farted?

    13. HELLO CHICAGO 38 months ago | reply

      It was Richard....it was Richard. I say we throw him out. We only have enough food for three and then we'll have to eat each other.

    14. zippythesimshead 38 months ago | reply

      Nixon's got a rolled-up newspaper... looks like he's getting ready to smack somebody

    15. HELLO CHICAGO 38 months ago | reply

      The first person who makes a comment about Nixon's five o'clock shadow get's smacked in the face.

    16. pmcconst 38 months ago | reply

      I was just about to mention about his shadow!

    17. HELLO CHICAGO 38 months ago | reply

      Nixon use to go for the nads with the rolled up newspaper.

    18. jamica1 37 months ago | reply

      Emergency pearls around her neck.

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