1972 ... proto-mouse!

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    1. x-ray delta one 75 months ago | reply

      ... aren't you glad they did'nt start calling them 'hamsters' ?

      This reminds me why I am really glad I didn't touch a computer until 2000.

    2. The Fenriswolf 75 months ago | reply

      James Vaughan
      A hamster is a wireless mouse.

    3. EmBeesWeb 75 months ago | reply

      Look! I got it to draw a dinosaur. Now how do I change the color from tis awful, bile yellow to an avacado green?

    4. Sam Vanallemeersch [deleted] 75 months ago | reply

      wow! i came across this illustration in a youth encyclopedia belonging to my brothers when i was 9 years old (1987) and i was completely mesmerized with the idea. thanks for uploading this,
      it brings back memories of my own proto-scifi obsession.

    5. combustiblewater 75 months ago | reply

      I challenge you to draw such clean lines on a curved screen...

    6. Compound Eye 75 months ago | reply

      Even in that period illustration the ubiquitous grey plastic casing as already turned to weak piss yellow...

    7. twostrikes2003 75 months ago | reply

      James Vaughan Me, it was 2003! Cell phones? I can take 'em or leave 'em. No big deal. I am not a technophile nor a technophobe...lucky, I guess.

    8. Era: '51 - Gone to Ipernity 75 months ago | reply

      After 45 minutes of that my arm would fall off.

    9. Compound Eye 75 months ago | reply

      Era: '51 Gone to Ipernity If it's taking you 45mins, in front of your computer, then you aren't doing it right! [ahem]

    10. DEM's Book Shelves 75 months ago | reply

      Reminds me of the scene from THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN where the Nurse (Paula Kelly) is explaining to the Doctor (James Olsen) {{and to the audience}} how he can call up computerized records on the cathod ray display and order tests by touching the attached wand to the appropriate spots on the screen.

    11. x-ray delta one 75 months ago | reply

      David Martin
      ... reminded me of that too! Hard to remember what gee-whiz
      stuff that was. When I was first starting with computers I wished
      they were more' interactive' like that. Wanted to be Tom Cruise in 'Minority Report'.
      Now I understand how tiring that all is.

      But clicking a mouse is not very dramatic. For drama you need
      the 'computer nerd' pounding out code on a keypad!

    12. the real night train 75 months ago | reply

      Bob lost his job when he once again wrote on the screen of his computer with a marker despite being warned.

    13. mongex1982 69 months ago | reply

      the grandpa of tablets.... genius pensketch anyone?... perhaps wacom?? jaja...

    14. HELLO CHICAGO 62 months ago | reply

      parsec96 Interesting. This was pre-mouse days?

    15. DEM's Book Shelves 61 months ago | reply

      Light pens were the Betamax to the Mouse's VHS. Light pens had their advantages but of course in the end the mouse won the race.

      Nowadays we're seeing a return of the lightpen technology in the form of the Wacom Tablet.

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