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    1. combustiblewater 31 months ago | reply

      "... there's nothing that warms a parent's heart more than the blast wave of a miniature nuclear explosion!"

      There, fixed that for you.

    2. MichaelB in Houston 31 months ago | reply

      That's not a B-29...it's a KC-97 or Stratocruiser!

    3. Kilo 66 (Thanks For 1.8 Million Views & Counting) 31 months ago | reply

      More room inside than its parent aircraft, for even bigger payloads of nuclear FUN!

    4. Michael Paul Smith 31 months ago | reply

      Buck Turdgidson certainly had a great way of softening a dire situation.

    5. Pillbox finder 31 months ago | reply

      LOL i needed a good laugh so thanks ...

    6. paul.malon 31 months ago | reply

      Stratocruisers were secret A-Bombers? Wow! Flying in a passenger plane post-WW2 was even more exciting and glamorous than I thought!

      "Excuse me folks, this is your pilot. We'll be diverting from Seattle to drop a few A-Bombs on Vladivostock. As that means that we'll be landing instead in Tokyo, we've decided to open the bar on board. So drink up and enjoy the mushroom clouds!"

    7. rickb460 31 months ago | reply

      Exactly my point

    8. rickb460 31 months ago | reply

      Maybe it's because little Bobby next door has the model Hawk missle launcher with all metal nuclear warhead

    9. MichaelB in Houston 31 months ago | reply

      Brand solved! ThomasToy! Plastic airplane - metal bomb!

    10. HELLO CHICAGO 31 months ago | reply

      Sorry, bidding has ended on this item (2008). You snooze, you lose. www.hakes.com/item.asp?AuctionItemID=45502

    11. Douglas606 31 months ago | reply

      .....lol...good one/

    12. Douglas606 31 months ago | reply

      .... just hit the target area within a five mile radius. That should make 'em think twice about messing with the USA.

    13. Douglas606 31 months ago | reply

      This is so wonderful...ain't it. It makes atomic warfare seem like a lot of fun....even kids can get a kick out of it.....wow. Mommy, I want that new atomic bomb for my birthday.

    14. scarlett_anne 26 months ago | reply

      I wonder if this was made in Japan?

    15. dr_timbabwae 23 months ago | reply

      No wonder Northwest was never on time with that flight!

    16. dr_timbabwae 23 months ago | reply

      Billy! Did you vaporize your room again?

    17. dr_timbabwae 23 months ago | reply

      Some assembly of nuclear warheads required. Use caution!

    18. HELLO CHICAGO 23 months ago | reply

      Light fuse, get away.

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