1960 ... swooning over Milhouse!

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    1. BarryFackler 65 months ago | reply

      Well, he was Tricky Dick!

    2. x-ray delta one 65 months ago | reply

      ... so they liked him because he was 'tricky'!

    3. StevenM_61 65 months ago | reply

      Nixon lost the 1960 election because of another tricky, manipulative politician by the name of Richard J. Daley.

    4. twostrikes2003 65 months ago | reply

      scene from the musical, "Bye Bye Dickie?"

    5. TheUnrequitedTV 65 months ago | reply

      ...it's his demonic eyes...they have enraptured these poor unfortunates...

    6. HELLO CHICAGO - DUMP THE TRUMP 65 months ago | reply

      Steven Martin The Daley's who together ruled over Chicago for over 40 years.

    7. Sir Basil Birchbottom 65 months ago | reply

      Well, by God, I still like him! If they allowed write-ins, I'd vote for him again, just on the theory that he could do the job better dead than any this current bunch of clowns could alive.

    8. BarryFackler 65 months ago | reply

      Sir Basil Birchbottom Ditto. Nixon did what every politician does, he just got caught. Nobody wants to acknowledge the successes of his administration especially in terms of detente, opening relations with Red China, and getting the US out of Vietnam.

    9. paul.malon 65 months ago | reply

      What was the name of the Pogo character that was modeled on Richard M? And didn't Dr. Seuss also write a book at the time of Watergate with a titlw along the lines of "Richard Mooney It's Time To Go!"?

    10. HELLO CHICAGO - DUMP THE TRUMP 65 months ago | reply

      Here's my opinion for what it's worth (probably nothing): Nixon was a crook and a lousy one at that. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watergate_scandal

    11. Fluxstringer Media Stream 65 months ago | reply

      Gotta LOVE a pres who could violate the principles of the USA, thug out the ideals of Democracy and forkover the citizenry for his corporate masters.! How could you NOT ?

    12. BarryFackler 65 months ago | reply

      Adrian D'Alessio Amen. I just wish he had thrown us into a devastating recession and had sex with a slut in the Oval Office. That would have made him even MORE lovable!

    13. Sir Basil Birchbottom 65 months ago | reply

      I have to admit he did drop the ball, militarily speaking. The invasions of Cambodia and Laos were okay as far as they went, but we got out of 'em pretty quick (relatively speaking), and when all is said and done, they were still just sideshows of Vietnam. He didn't come anywhere close to getting us involved in two totally different no-win wars. Of course, I reckon all that Air National Guard training gave that other fellow the kind of capacity for strategic thought that a mere Navy supply officer like Nixon couldn't be expected to have.

    14. Sir Basil Birchbottom 64 months ago | reply

      Or, as these or any other Republican women would say it, Stick With Dick.

    15. HELLO CHICAGO - DUMP THE TRUMP 64 months ago | reply

      Nixon had Groupies. Eeeeeek

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