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  • James Vaughan PRO 6y

    1960- Interior of Boeing 707 -first jet powered Presidential aircraft- call sign- Air Force One. In the Jetage, in the Nuclear Age, this sleek 707 with it's white, blue and silver livery came to symbolize the potency of the position of the
    President of the United States of America. In our imaginations it was here, high in the stratosphere, that the fateful decisions of a "full retaliatory strike" would be made.
  • James Vaughan PRO 6y

    ...for all you Cold War fans out there, let me recommend my blog -
    ATOMIC ANNIHILATION! ... it's a real bang!
    The pictures are even bigger and there's more info.
  • Paul Birza 5y

    "This plane is so much better than Led Zeppelin's! Ours doesn't smell like bong water and patchouli oil!"
  • PappaDom 4y

    Great Cold War films: 'By Dawn's Early Light', 'Twilight's Last Gleaming', 'Fail-Safe', 'Seven Days To Noon', 'The Spy Who Came In From The Cold', 'Dr Strangelove' and 'Six Days In May'
  • retro-dad 4y

    do the stewardess' wear bunny ears?
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