2009.05 - Cmentarz Żydowski w Łodzi
Jewish Lodz Cemetery

The cemetery was founded in 1892 and it is estimated that about 160,000 people are buried there. It is 39.6 hectares large. During the 100 years of the cemetery's history many meritorious people like rabbis, teachers, industrialists, doctors, politicians, social activists etc. were buried there. Their grave stones are mostly masterpieces of blacksmiths and stonecutters art.

In the cemetery are buried also the victims of one of the most tragic events in mankind history – the Holocaust. There are about 43,000 people buried in the part of the cemetery called Ghetto Field, who died of starvation, illnesses and extenuation. In that place there are very few tombstones. To bring the memory of those people back, the Foundation Monumentum Judaicum Lodzense decided to clean this area, regardless of other works carried out at the cemetery. This became the most important and essential project at the cemetery, to allow the descendants of the victims to put tombstones on the grave of their loved ones and gave the Ghetto Field the character of a military cemetery, since de facto it is one.

(from www.jewishlodzcemetery.org/o_cmentarzuEN.htm))
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