My Ricoh GR Digital II is falling apart
I purchased this camera on the 20th Feb 2008, & it has been my favorite camera since, I take it everywhere with me & I've traveled to 5 countries with it, snapping away happily for 3 months.

Probably the Camera got fed up with me,
I don't know what happened to it, but the glue that binds the grip on the camera just started to 'melt'

I'm not sure if its the humidity or what, but the glue started to ooze out of the grip & when you hold on to the camera, the whole grip moves around & detaches from the camera.

I've just taken the camera to the RICOH service centre here in Hong Kong to have this fixed; & I've also got them to look at the dust problem I had on this camera ever since it was new.

Will post pics later to see how it goes.
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