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Oh, the things I'll do for Internet access...

And the worst part is, the wizard didn't even work. So I called the number in the self-install kit, and after 14 minutes (mostly on hold) was told first that I wasn't even listed as having the service, and then that I would have to call a different number because I was in California. So, I called the other number and activated the service, and then called the support number again. They played an ad for some pay-per-view boxing thing before I could even get to the menu, and then finally someone was able to activate it on their end just by having me provide the modem's MAC address. So it turns out I didn't even need to install IE in the first place. Ugh.


But the lesson is, if you're like me and don't like running unnecessary installers on your computer, just call Comcast and tell them you're having trouble, and ask them if they can just activate based on your modem's MAC address.

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Uploaded on July 30, 2006