• The CEO slumming with the troops in Dana's old spot.
  • Chris.
  • Mei's spot.
  • The "pit."
  • Billy's Mac.
  • Jeff's spot (when he actually sits at his desk).
  • Eric's desk.
  • Trevor's spot is on the other side of this conference room (that we never use).
  • Down this hall are Dave's office, Sonia's office, and Troy's office.
  • My place. To my left is the break room. Down another hall to the left is where Tom used to sit and Skip's office. To the right (past the break room) is one of the two entryways.
  • Zenoss is out this window, 90 degrees to the right and about 150 yards away in another (much nicer) building.
  • Bob's desk.

The office

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Perhaps I'll fondly look back on this time...

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