Apple Trees


These apples are still on the tree. We spent Saturday driving backroads to the orchards in Gay Mills. We had to alter our normal route do to a washed out gravel road with a tree across it. The orchards are up on the ridge top, so are free from flood damage. I'm not sure how it affected this year's crops, though.


Update: July, 2009:

This photo is consistently at the top of my views each day. If it's being used, I love to see links to it.


Update: September, 2010:

This photo remains at the top of my view many days of the year. I appreciate it being used, please include attribution or a link to this page, as requested by the Creative Commons license. At least leave the Watermark in place, that counts in my opinion.

I have seen this photo used twice by various online greenhouses/farmer's markets selling apple

trees that this photo does not represent.


Email/flickr mail me for permission if you are seeking to use this photo without attribution.

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Taken on September 8, 2007