bubbles, bending

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A bubble, like a balloon, is a very thin skin surrounding a volume of air. The rubber skin of the balloon is elastic and stretches when inflated. If you let the mouthpiece of the balloon go free, the rubber skin squeezes the air out of the balloon and it deflates as it flies around the room. The same thing happens if you start blowing a bubble and then stop. The liquid skin of the bubble is stretchy, somewhat like a piece of thin rubber, and like a balloon it pushes the air out of the bubble, leaving a flat circle of soap in the bubble wand. Unlike a sheet of rubber that when unstretched loses all tension, a bubble always has its "stretch" no matter how small the surface becomes. If you blow a bubble and close the opening by flipping the wand over, the tension in the bubble skin tries to shrink the bubble into a shape with the smallest possible surface area for the volume of air it contains. That shape happens to be a sphere.

[from exploratorium]

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  1. yucca2k6 92 months ago | reply

    Fantastic, I love the colour green!

  2. pixability 92 months ago | reply

    Another in your series of abstract macros, inspiring.

    Seen in Macro 1-2-3 (2/day max) .

  3. kevinarchaeo 92 months ago | reply

    That has to be a Gordon's Gin and Tonic with a hint of lime!
    Wonderful shot.

  4. AlpenaMi 90 months ago | reply

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  5. AlpenaMi 90 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Shades of Green, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  6. Margot- 83 months ago | reply

    This photo is a certified...

    You can now post it to an open contest
    and Super A+++ Group

  7. Adamcha 82 months ago | reply

    Wow! Very cool!

  8. digitalsparks 82 months ago | reply

    awesome! it looks like you've taken the pic through a microscope

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  10. Brian Gudas Photography 71 months ago | reply

    Blown away amazing!!! Has the wheels turning for sure. thanks bg

  11. massimopaolini 37 months ago | reply

    Great image. I used it on my page Revenue Performance.

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