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photographic proof NASA faked the moon landing

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america's affordable strategy for returning a human to the moon ... (we didn't fake it then, and we're not faking it now!)

Apollo Moon Landing hoax conspiracy theories are claims that some or all elements of the Apollo Moon landings were faked by NASA and possibly members of other involved organizations. Some groups and individuals have advanced various theories which tend, to varying degrees, to include suggestions that the Apollo astronauts did not land on the Moon, that NASA and possibly others intentionally deceived the public into believing the landings did occur by manufacturing, destroying, or tampering with evidence, including photos, telemetry tapes, transmissions, and rock samples, and that the deception continues to this day.
There is abundant independent evidence for Apollo Moon landings and these conspiracy theories have been generally discredited. Many commentators have published detailed rebuttals to the hoax claims.[1] A 1999 poll by The Gallup Organization found that 89% of the US public believed the landings were genuine, while 6% did not, and 5% were undecided

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  1. Keith Allso ( @dolphiniow ) 52 months ago | reply

    they are real! the stuffs still there and visable. silly people out there!

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