• shrinked hull to 11 studs wide !!!
    2x3 for treads and 5 for front armor,
    more accurate to minifig scale
    (3.10m for 11 studs ) like T-34 (3m for 11 studs wide )

lego final js2 m

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JS2 M soviet heavy tank ( 46 tons )
equiped 122 mm maingun (able to destroy fortifications and to knock out heavy german tanks even if their armor has not been penetrated !!!!
+ 2 machineguns ( co axial + neck of turret )
production during ww2 about 3500 JS2
compared to (489 king tiger )
very reliable ( 1000 km ) without problem !!!
this was the soviet response to heavy german tanks !!!
machine gun on the neck of the turret why ???
in urban fights and also due to the fact that the center of gravity is too much in front ( armor , turret and long gun ) , when the bank is too sharp, JS2 sould turn the turret putting the maingun towards the back of the tank . so it can only fire with the neck machine gun !!!!!!!
crazy isn't it
they were mixed with T-34 so they make the shot :-)

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  1. Bricks In Arms 61 months ago | reply

    Can we have a overview picture of your whole army? :D
    This looks very nice BTW!

  2. kingtiger719 61 months ago | reply

    Bricks In Arms many thanks, it will come in about 1 or 2 weeks :-)

  3. PJ_Penn 61 months ago | reply

    Their biggest flaw was they had to depress the gun to reload, which was already a long process. Excellent recreation to minifig scale.

  4. arwen.romel.hanna1 61 months ago | reply

    amazing as always

  5. Sherman Bricks 60 months ago | reply

    Wow you did a pretty good job on this one!

  6. kingtiger719 60 months ago | reply

    Sherman Bricks thank you very much :-)

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