Waiting for a Train

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    Here's my Brompton waiting for the WES to arrive in Tualatin. I took it along with me on a quick trip into Portland. The speed of the train and the flexibility of such a portable bike made for an incredibly efficient and speedy trip.

    There will soon be more about my trip into town at The Prudent Cyclist.

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    1. Bazzaphotos 81 months ago | reply

      Gee, Brompton packs down small doesn't it! Well done.

    2. W.D. Vanlue 81 months ago | reply

      Certainly does! I've had a few people ask "Is that a bike?" when they see it folded down because they can't believe a bike could be that small.

    3. Wei 81 months ago | reply

      Your white Brompton with a black Brooks saddle looks beautiful, is that a standard B17 or do Brroks make a black Brompton special version as well. I'm after a new Brompton and am leaning towards a classic white S-type with a three speed hub. I need a fast third gear, and white is fast after all.

    4. W.D. Vanlue 81 months ago | reply

      Wei-Hang Chua Thank you! It's a standard B17. Have you ridden an M-type before? The handle bars allow some forward/back adjustment which I've exploited to be able to ride more upright than I would on an S-type. Also, the 6-speed might be worth a try too. It has the same 3-speed internal hub with two external cogs which give you sort of a half-step between the standard 3 gears. At first I assumed I'd only use the three gears but in riding around I've been consistently using all 6.

      I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new bike!

    5. Wei 81 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the reply, I currently ride an 10-12 year old Brompton which is the same M-style. I'm considering buying a new Brompton as my current bike pre-dates the front luggage (ie has no option for a block) and has the old brakes, no rear triangle lock, and the 3-speed hub has a fault (I only have two gears, after lots of adjustment). I do like the upright riding stance but I've always hankered after an S-type bar and the lower stance. Hmmm, you've made me think of the 6-speed a little more. I was planning on getting the Ti bike and 2-speed to keep the weight down as gave up carrying my bike up 6 flights of stairs every day. Then I decided the top gear on the 2-speed wasn't high enough. Despite the bike being for commuting, the extra gears would lend itself to some short touring... Thanks for your thoughts. PS. No one sells Bromptons here in New Zealand, you either have to buy them overseas and ship/bring them back here by yourself, so more $ (sigh).

    6. W.D. Vanlue 81 months ago | reply

      That's really too bad no one sells them down there. You should import and sell them yourself! If your Brompton is anything like mine, it compels total strangers to come over and tell me how awesome my bike is. I'm sure you convince some of them to buy one.

      And I don't know if I'd worry about the weight too much. I carry mine with all 6 gears around and I've had no problem lifting it. I even took it into a brewfest:
      Brompton and Belgian Beers

    7. Wei 81 months ago | reply

      Yes, we're deprived down here. Like you, if I had a dollar for every comment I get about my Brompton each day I'd be a rich man :)

    8. W.D. Vanlue 81 months ago | reply

      I think you've found a great business model: "I'll tell you about my Brompton, but it'll cost you $1"

      We'll be rich in no time!

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