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WuWai in Wonderland (3/14) - Somewhere in sl 344 (FAE VARRIALE: LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES, LEA6)

14 Pictures from Fae Varriale's Installation 'Wonderlands' on LEA6 (Link to all pictures and a video)


(Link to the Destination)


Fae Varriale describes her creation as follows:


"Wonderlands is born of a life long fascination of mine with stories about places that are entrances to other worlds. Whether it be rabbit holes, mirrors, Fairy mounds, wardrobes, secret doors, mystical forests, the interfaces to virtual reality; such stories have been born out of the human psyche for hundreds of years.


Do these worlds really exist? If they do, do they exist because we dreamed them, or do they reach out to our unconcious minds?


The installation follows in the footsteps of Ellie through worlds discovered by her missing father in his attempt to find out the truth behind his younger daughter's 'insanity' - was she crazy or did the places she talked about really exist somewhere.


Some of the installation is beautiful, some is crazy & surreal, the line between beauty and madness moving dependant on the observer. Some of it took its own direction regardless of what had been planned, whilst in the background Ellie's story shifted subtly.


Do these worlds exist because I dreamed them or did they reach out to my unconcious as, already having stepped through into a virtual world, I created doorways to wonderlands?"




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The "Somewhere in sl" picture series (or "The Adventures of WuWai in Second Life") is my guide and bookmark folder to wonderful, artful, curious or in other way remarkably sims of second life with travel guide WuWai Chun.


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Taken on May 5, 2012