SR 532, Davis Slough Bridge
Work has been completed to raise and widen State Route 532 and replace the Davis Slough Bridge. The highway was raised and widened between the area west of Davis Slough and Eide Road, west of the new Camano Gateway Bridge, to protect it from flooding.

This highway is the on vehicle access on or off the island. In addition to flooding, the old bridge was susceptible to damage in a major earthquake and could easily have been knocked out of commission for quite some time. The new bridge was designed to hold up in a major earthquake.

The new section of highway and new bridge have a 12-foot lane in each direction separated by a 4-foot median and wide shoulders for bicyclists, pedestrians and disabled vehicles. The wide should also will provide room for most traffic to get around a collision. The old bridge was very narrow; a collision there would block both directions of the highway.
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