SR 532, Davis Slough Bridge
Plans are in the works to raise and widen State Route 532 and replace the Davis Slough Bridge to help improve and protect the highway from flooding. Engineers with the Washington State Department of Transportation are designing the improvements now and expect to start construction after the July 4th holiday this summer.

The highway will be raised and widened between Smith and Eide roads, west of the new Camano Gateway Bridge. The work is essentially a continuation and extension of the improvements recently completed between Interstate 5 and the Camano Gateway Bridge.

The highway and Davis Slough Bridge were built more than 60 years ago and are not tall enough or strong enough to withstand storms, high tides and floods.

Today’s highway is quite narrow and has very little room on the shoulders. If there’s a crash, both lanes are often blocked, causing significant delays and backups. The narrow road also restricts access for emergency responders. And there are no detours around this stretch of highway. We plan to widen the highway by an additional 24 feet, increasing the shoulder width to 14 feet on each side and adding a 4-foot-wide median. This will make it safer for drivers, emergency responders, bicyclists and pedestrians.

The bridge and highway are susceptible to damage in a major earthquake and could easily be knocked out of commission for quite some time. Not only are we raising the road and widening it, but we’re also making it a whole lot stronger to withstand a real shaker. This is the only road on or off Camano Island; it’s the island’s lifeline. Without it, there’s no other way to access the island by vehicle.

We understand how important this highway is to the community. We believe raising, widening and strengthening it is critical to maintaining a safe and secure way on or off the island in the event of a storm, earthquake or blocking collision.

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