SR 99 South End Viaduct Replacement - historical excavations
Archeologists working for WSDOT excavated several trenches west of First Avenue S. where a neighborhood stood during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The excavations were mitigation for the effects the S. Holgate Street to S. King Street project will have on the archaeological site.

This small neighborhood was abandoned around 1905, when it was filled with dirt and turned into a rail yard. However, pieces of the area’s history remain, such as building foundations and discarded household materials like shoes, bottles and glasses. We plan to store the items at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum.

By recovering the items in advance of construction, we are ensuring that the archaeological record will not be effected by our construction activities. We will also have an extensive monitoring program in place during construction to ensure that construction crews do not inadvertently discover or adversely affect any cultural resources. Learn more about the project at
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