WSDOT Aviation - Search and Rescue training
Volunteer pilots and observers met in Shelton the weekend of March 13 and 14 to participate in and support the Mission Pilot Continuing Education (ConEd) training.

This Mission Pilot Continuing Education Training was designed to be a spring tune-up for the state's volunteer search and rescue and mission pilots.

The participants attended an eight hour inservice the previous weekend to learn about performance measuring and improvement techniques, issues with past operations, and an intense safety review covering cockpit resource management, aeromedical issues and basic mission planning steps.

The flight training portion March 13 and 14 was staged out of the Shelton airport, where pilots flew instructional sorties and mission check rides over an area where a "missing" Taylorcraft aircraft was thought to be.

In all, 14 aircraft arrived along with more than 40 personnel, some traveling from as far away as Spokane and Klickitat, to complete more than forty sorties. In addition to the many Civil Air Patrol members, there were also two pilots from WASAR as well as the WSDOT Aircrew Training staff.

Many thanks to Curt Cousins and the staff at Olympic Air for graciously allowing us to use his establishment for our base of operations.

More information about aviation search and rescue can be found at:
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