SR 433 - Lewis and Clark Bridge Painter Project (Phases 1-3)
This project cleans and paints the steel members of the SR 433 Lewis and Clark Bridge to help preserve and prolong the life of the bridge.

The Lewis and Clark Bridge will be painted in three phases.

Phase 1 cleaned and painted the Oregon approach of the bridge structure, and was completed in February 2008.

Phase 2 cleaned and painted the piers in the Columbia River, and the bridge towers on the Washington side. This phase began April 7, 2009, and was completed in December 2010.

Phase 3 paints the superstructure of the bridge above the roadway. This phase began June 30, 2010, and is expected to be complete by fall, 2013. This $47 million phase of construction includes $12.3 million in funding through the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
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