SR 504 Open to Johnston Ridge on May 16
After a record winter, WSDOT will reopen Mt. St. Helens’ Spirit Lake Memorial Highway (State Route 504) to the Johnston Ridge Observatory on May 16.

This year, crews have been fighting record snow fall, as well as packed snow from avalanches that occurred during the winter.

““I’m proud of our maintenance crews for fighting what nature dealt us this season. We very much wanted to have the road open and safe for traffic in time for the anniversary of the May 18 eruption, and we will accomplish that,” said Don Wagner, WSDOT Southwest Region Administrator.

State Route 504 east of Coldwater Lake has been closed since December 2007 due to heavy snowfall. WSDOT closes State Route 504 each year due to hazardous snow conditions and the possibility of avalanches in some spots.
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