Rendering of new 144-car ferry

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    1. alohaland123 33 months ago | reply

      Very nice looking vessel, as it is a tribute to Phil Spalding, as it has his signature stack and mid-ship house. Clark Dodge, former senior Staff Chief Engineer.

    2. hydromate 33 months ago | reply

      m167a1--Gee, obviously you don't live, work or invest on the peninsula. Where do you live, work and invest? I want to know what projects to complain about.

    3. kingck123 33 months ago | reply

      m1671-- You are a complete retard these ferries handle 1000s of passengers daily

    4. Erik Griswold 31 months ago | reply

      Building bridges that do not disrupt shipping, across the very deep Puget Sound would be quite the engineering feat. How do you propose to do it?

    5. nickseferos 31 months ago | reply

      a) Many people use the ferry system to commute to work to help boost our economy and to shop over there

      b) driving around the peninsula adds so much extra time and extra gas, most people wouldn't go over due to the fact that the cost time spent would outweigh the point to go over there

      c) The State Ferry system is considered part of the state highways, so therefore we are investing in road construction

      d) Us ferry riders already pay a small fortune to drive and ride them

    6. biggestrocky 31 months ago | reply

      These vessels should provide thousands of workers and hundreds of thousands of user with great pride, and unprecedented service!

    7. ajunginator 30 months ago | reply

      A disappointing design… the same ho-hum utilitarian and typical horrible galley. Why can't we get decent eatings, a restaurant and hot foods made by cooks? Or study/work desk areas? Or a kids play area? Can't these ferries take some cues from BC Ferries up north? At least hire and interior expert to make these new ferries not look so tacky so that we can at least enjoy our trips instead of having to deal with the mundane boring.

    8. mrdot. 30 months ago | reply

      I think they look very smart, and look like they are evergreen fleet! mrdot.

    9. commuter2012 30 months ago | reply

      The ferruiesare a tourist draw in Washington. I have talked to visitors who come here simply to ride a WSF

    10. groovin1 30 months ago | reply

      Take a clue from BC Ferries? I have yet to hear of a WSF sinking.
      And to earlier posts, to replace the ferry system would be massive, uneconomical and environmentally-sensitive bridges and additional highways; nya. I just hope that the new ferries are justified and the system doesn't require ridiculous fares!

    11. Blue Bus Fan 28 months ago | reply

      I do not live in Washington but I do live in BC. Ferry service could be better in BC and the interior could be better on most routes. I do not use BC ferries that much anymore except during the summers. But WA D.O.T should put a play area, hot food made by chiefs on the Olympic Class vessels on the Seattle to Bremerton and on the Anacortes to San Juan Island. On every Olympic Class no matter what route should have a least snack bar and a study and work area because most of BC ferries have one on routes longer than 20 mins.

    12. Blue Bus Fan 28 months ago | reply

      I think ajunginator's means interior. Not fares or sinking.

    13. compdude787 28 months ago | reply

      Washington State Ferries are just fine the way they are. I do think that the food in the vending machines and in the galley is way overpriced, but other than that the Washington State Ferries are GREAT. Why do you need a play area when you have a great view? Most routes that WSF has are less than an hour long, while many of the BC ferries operate on much longer routes, up to 2 hours long. The length of the routes justifies those extra perks like a play area and hot food. Well, maybe that food would be a welcome taste on these ferries, as long as it isn't ridiculously expensive.

    14. compdude787 27 months ago | reply

      The one problem I see is that even though these ferries are based on the Issaquah Class, they have less passenger capacity than the Supers, which also have 144-car capacity but can carry 2000 passengers. The Olympics can only carry 1300, just 100 greater pax capacity than the Issaquahs. That'd be fine if the Olympics would just be put on routes that currently have Issaquah-class ferries (Mukilteo-Clinton could definitely use a bigger ferry, since I've encountered really long lines a couple times I've ridden it), but what about routes like Seattle-Bremerton that have 2000-passenger Supers? Not sure what WSF was thinking...

    15. Blue Bus Fan 27 months ago | reply

      I think the vessels have a 1500 passengers capacity.

    16. compdude787 26 months ago | reply

      If you look at the actual plans for the Olympic class, it says there are just enough seats for 1373 people. You can look at the plan drawings at .Go to page 8 and you will see the passenger capacity.

    17. ranger9022 17 months ago | reply

      One of these two new boats between be serving the Vashon-West Seattle route!

    18. compdude787 17 months ago | reply

      Actually, no. I think they're going to boot an Issaquah class boat from Mukilteo down to the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth route.

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