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Marching Band and Wind Ensemble were a big part of my life at Rutgers. I joined the band in the first week of my freshman year in the fall of 1962, marched at most games, and even played at my own graduation in the spring of 1966. I took up the roll of band photographer In my junior year and continued with it a bit in my senior year and the first year after graduation. As such I captured the band in 16mm videos for the band director and stills for my own collection.

I have no idea what happened to the videos but I kept the negatives of the stills. I exhibited some of the stills at the Ledge, the student center near the river dorms, and may have made some prints for the director. I had the best of intentions first of producing a year book and later a more complete exhibit but none of that happened. Now, forty-six years later I have finally taken the time to organize and scan the negatives and put together a virtual exhibit which I am pleased to present here.

This is a large collection, with just over 400 photos in 22 sets. In various depths it covers all the games in 1964, two in 1965, and three in 1966. With the thought that the nostalgic value of these photos exceeds the artistic I have drastically erred on the side of inclusion. Finding a shot of yourself, your mom or dad, or your grandmother or grandfather is more important than limiting these to only technically or aesthetically good photos.


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If you have enjoyed these please let me know. My email address is below or you can reach me through Flickr.

Please also send me corrections and the names of recognizable member where missing.

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Technical details:

Camera: Kodak Signet with 44mm lens.
Film: 35mm, type and developer included in per-photo tags.
Scanner: Nikon Super Coolscan 4000.
Storage: Negs were stored in sleeves by roll.
Digital processing: Significant tonal adjustments. Some cropping. Light retouching to remove spots. Many defects including scratches, spots, and crazing remain.
Order: Sets are ordered in reverse chronological sequence. Photos within sets are presently unordered.

Bill Wetzel
April, 2010