What Changes?

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    1. mstephens7 69 months ago | reply

      This is an incredible image & your text is perfect. Blogged!

    2. nickn 69 months ago | reply

      Fantastic image Will

    3. LindyMac 69 months ago | reply

      Obviously the lecture method doesn't change with ubiquitous access but perhaps the boredom level of the students does because at least they can be doing something useful like playing Texas holdem poker or World of Warcraft rather than sitting passively in the sea of blah.

    4. mstephens7 69 months ago | reply

      The lecture method certainly needs to change to engage these folks. The days of the great sage pontificating in class are fading!

    5. TonyBaldasaro 69 months ago | reply

      Very cool, Will. Now, get a picture of the same 400 people in their homes engaged in an asynchronous learning event! That would be very cool!

    6. Wesley Fryer 69 months ago | reply

      My title for this is, "You still going to teach the same, faced with this classroom?!"

    7. steven_d_krause 69 months ago | reply

      Cool photo, and my reaction in terms of the "change" of the lecture hall format: why have lecture halls for teaching at all? Why couldn't you do the whole thing online?

    8. theinfamousj 68 months ago | reply

      My response to that question: Let's find out. Who wants to donate an internet connection of laptop to a child in need?

      Your premise of ubiquitous access is faulty. Technology is still very much in the hands of the intellectual and financial elite. You just don't see the rest of the folks in this picture, because they never make it to college.

    9. Jim Fawcett2009 67 months ago | reply

      In response to the question: (And the above response) Teachers can apply for grants from many agencies such as the National Education Association. If you look on their site it not only shows you how to apply for a grant, who to apply to, how to check on the status of the grant, but suggestions ways to bring more and more technology (and cash) into your class/department/school. An example of this is shown by a school in Arizona that collaborated with ALL the teachers to apply for the same grants to specific places and raise cash. The school raised $750,000 last year in grants. The school has 250 students. That's a whopping $3,000 per student that could be spent to do exactly what has been suggested and more. Much more. It has to start with you, the teacher, or it doesn't start. Are you interested?

    10. betzster 65 months ago | reply

      @theinfamousj if you want to go to school you can. there are so many grants and scholarships out there. it just takes a little work

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