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    we were traveling from carolina beach back home to charlotte on monday, october 10th. john, my partner of nearly 14 years, was driving, i was riding, playing with dewey. at 12:45pm, as we were traveling west in the right-hand lane of nc highway 74, a ford explorer traveling in the opposite direction strayed into our side of the highway & hit us head-on.

    can you believe it? i can't. we're all OK. two humans & three dogs. we are all sore & bruised. we are all freaked-out. but, we are all alive. and, we are all grateful.

    we've been told that the elderly driver of the ford explorer is OK as well.

    (additional photos are here.)

    the toyota matrix has a five-star safety rating. this little car did exactly what is was supposed to do, thank god. we will be replacing it with another toyota, but a larger one most likely. the highlander hybrid, perhaps.

    here's a common-sense safety tip for pet owners: when traveling, always outfit your pups with collars & make sure that their leash is within easy reach.

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    1. blalor 114 months ago | reply

      Fantastic picture. First off, glad you're ok. :-)

      I'm in awe of how the car protected you. The damage just STOPS right at the firewall. Makes me think of this article. I drove an F-150; now I drive a MINI. I hope never to find out how well it protects...

    2. Jimmy_Joe 114 months ago | reply

      No problem I am glad that everyone is okay. That is pretty scary.

    3. sakraft1 114 months ago | reply

      Good to hear that everyone is ok!

    4. J. Star 114 months ago | reply

      Wow! It is just amazing that people (and dogs!) can live through accidents like that...amazing as well that it can look so horrible but when you look at the body of the car, it looks more or less ok...I'm glad everyone survived!

    5. Robbie Howell 114 months ago | reply

      the concern & well-wishes expressed here are appreciated in a huge way. (god, it's been a crappy week.)

      your words endure & console us even when we're far from the computer. getting our flickr fix makes our week seem less crappy!

      thanks everyone!

    6. Wolfy 114 months ago | reply

      Wow. Looks like you were incredibly lucky to come out of this most unscathed.

    7. HannyB 114 months ago | reply

      what a nightmare!! glad to know everybody is alive....

    8. Robbie Howell 114 months ago | reply

      again, much thanks to all those who took the time to post a comment. a mere few syllables goes an astonishingly long way.

      happily, everyone in the car at the time of "the unpleasantness" is mending rapidly. (three cheers!) the new car will be a volvo which i will pick-up in sweden sometime, roughly, in the middle of december.

      can't wait! anyone who knows sweden/knows what to do in sweden, etc., please drop me a line. i have no idea what to expect.

      thanks again, guys! i'm grateful to be included so quickly in such a wonderful & caring bunch of nutty people.

      (if you're not nutty, i apologize. no offense was intended.)

    9. verbose 113 months ago | reply

      Great call on the Volvo. Best of luck with all that. How were the dogs restrained? I'm so glad everyone is alright. From a frontal collision with such a large vehicle, the matrix looks amazingly good. Stay safe and enjoy the Volvo.

    10. Robbie Howell 113 months ago | reply

      thanks for your thoughts, verbose.

      the dogs were not restrained & this was simly careless judgement on our part. dewey, in fact, was sitting on my lap in the front seat. he somehow ended up in the back seat, but beat the odds & was not harmed in any way. piper & scarlet were noticeably sore for several days as were john & i, but they are now back to romping around as usual. the vet gave them the thumbs up.

      we've ordered some type of restraining device for them, but merely looking at it, i'm skeptical. all suggestions will be appreciated. thanks, guys.

      (it just sucks that they can no longer ride with their heads hanging out the window. they love that!)

    11. Carrie Taylor 113 months ago | reply

      I am soooo glad you are all alright. Wow! Just reminds us all again how precious life is. Take care Rob.

    12. hasfurrychildren 113 months ago | reply

      holy soil-your-pants kind of oh my gosh!!!!!
      your car looks beat up all to pieces & the explorer just bent up a bit. AMAZING & wonderful that you all walked away with only some soreness...

    13. FlyButtafly 109 months ago | reply

      Toyotas are incredible aren't they?? So glad you all came out of this ok! I wanted to let you know I blogged this - and I hope your photo has made people think twice about how precious life is and how quickly it can be stripped away! God bless you guys.

    14. Tarky7 97 months ago | reply

      This is worthy of the Master Sword of Greatness!

      You must add your picture to the Master Sword of Greatness grou!

    15. Chris Yarzab 92 months ago | reply

      wow.. My mom just bought a 2007 Matrix. Glad to hear everyone is alright.

    16. Robbie Howell 92 months ago | reply

      thanks for the good thought. definitely a safe car.

    17. perssonlars 89 months ago | reply

      Ouch. Judging from the photo and what you've told you sure had a fair bit of luck with you there. Good!

      On to something different, did you make it to Sweden already? I think you might have since the thread is a year old, but if not, here we go on some things to do:
      Go to Gothenburg (they make the Volvos here so thats a default ;))
      Check out the arcipelago in wintertime, awesome place when the wind hauls and all that
      Check out Stockholm, beatiful winter as summer.
      Etc etc.

      If you want more ideas, let me know.

    18. Robbie Howell 88 months ago | reply

      yes! we made it to gothenburg. we were there in the winter but had never heard of the arcipelago until you mentioned it just now.

      i appreciate your thoughts & your offer. i suspect our next trip will warrant another trip to gothenburg (i love my volvo), so i'll definitely take you up on your offer.

    19. Susie Felber 80 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      Whoa! Glad you are ok and thanks for the pet tip!

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