New Work: Colin Dickson & Shane Walsh, 2011
This exhibition includes paintings by Shane Walsh and site-specific installation by Colin Dickson. Both artists approach their art-making as an attempt to heighten the awareness of the viewer and bring to their attention an understanding of their own perception. Walsh and Dickson are interested in the embodied experience of space and perception often resulting in a phenomenological point of view.

The idea of phenomena refers to Kantian philosophy which regards phenomenon: “the object of a person’s perception; what the senses or mind notice” as opposing to noumenon “a thing as it is in itself, as distinct from a thing as it is knowable by the senses”. This concept emphasizes interaction of people and objects.

Walsh’s paintings are methodically structured and subtly light-based. Often working in tight-knit color schemes of primarily cool or primarily warm colors, he depicts objects interacting in unestablished spaces with shallow depths of field. His paintings are active; despite the fact that he paints stagnant objects, the shadows and various colors create an arbitrary movement in the image.

Dickson’s installation will include black bungee cords crisscrossed at five feet and ten feet above the gallery floor. The pattern reflects the square floorboards, not only forcing various viewers to interact with the work, but also bringing attention to the interaction of objects and space within the environment.
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