#Learningpaper tutorial of my Ring-tailed Maki or Lemur (Lemur Catti - or in Dutch Ringstaartmaki) #MadeWithPaper

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    A sketched painting done on the ipad using only Paper 53 app. Which was quite a challenge (no zoom etc), but very fun to do. Lemurs or Maki's are my favorite animals. Last sunday (mothersday in Holland) we were at the zoo in Amersfoort and after watching them a while I just had to paint one (maybe even more). I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. The hardest to do (except for the millions of strokes on the fur) was the nose strangely. I just noticed it gave me a blister on my middle finger...

    What I did to get this result:
    Ouline roughly in black pencil. Then use watercolor (black and grey) to fill in the basic shapes. After that I gave the eye and nose its basic shape. From then on I first used the two ink pens to put down the basic shape of the fur. After that I only used the pencil tool in white, grey and black and kept on blending in hairs. When I was pretty happy with the face I took black and white watercolors to lay down the basic shape of the tail. After that i used the pencil again in three colors to make the fur on the tail. Even when it is fur, think about how to make a shape appear rounded. Lay down an basic shading before you start with the fur. Don't forget to lay down a shade on the face from the tail. Otherwise there is no distinct difference and your painting will appear flat.

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    1. Kathy Harrison 24 months ago | reply

      Thanks so much for the tutorial. Love the drawing too.

    2. WouterZArtZ - Dutch Designs! 24 months ago | reply

      your welcome. Thanks for the complement

    3. WouterZArtZ - Dutch Designs! 24 months ago | reply

      Thanks Veronica. Should I buy a Nomad brush? How does it compare to other an other stylus? Did you use others?

    4. sarah1976davies 23 months ago | reply

      you are very talented!

    5. WouterZArtZ - Dutch Designs! 23 months ago | reply

      Thanks Sarah, that is kind!

    6. Framboisine Berry 23 months ago | reply

      So creative and beautiful !

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