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    In search of an efficient Oil recovery semi-autonomous drones.

    1. brooksbot001 59 months ago | reply

      Hey Cesar,
      I build robots and have been working on a bunch of ideas for auto collection systems but I am also trying to get someone to help put together an oil spill idea site where all of us willing to make the effort, would have a single site where we can share and collaborate on solutions so we can focus on the parts that still need to be worked out. Stop by my part of the robot group wiki at
      and let me know what you think. once I can find a web designer willing to take on the operations I will link to you and give you access to help out on the fix ideas.

    2. 59 months ago | reply

      Hello dear Brooksbot001,
      I m now in New Orleans, and I went yesterday on the site of the oil spill by Grand Isle. The Spill is scary. I will come back here and work with local people. I checked your page on your wiki, I am very happy you are studying a response for the source of the problem. I believe there are different orders of priority to solve the spill
      1. cut the source
      2 contain the immediate spilling
      3. collect the oil everywhere.
      My research sits in the cat. 3, your in cat 1. I would favor your research if it was proven efficient. Still, I must do what I can, and I think I did some distance in my hyporthesis, so I wonder how we would work together at this point?

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