Mohammed Raja-ullah Quraishi
Mohammed Raja-ullah Quraishi is an American Muslim of Indian origin. From being a brilliant Engineering student and a national level competitive sportsman, he rose to become a Top Technocrat, God-Conscious Social Activist, Islamic Socialite and Interfaith Advocate in United States, a kind of enviable versatility not seen in many. After a long and distinguished Engineering career, culminating as Chief Engineer, City of Chicago and many years of subsequent consultancy, which included disaster relief for Hurricane Katrina through FEMA, he is now wholly devoted to the cause of humanity, world peace, communal harmony, global moral consciousness and Islam’s positive contribution towards these objectives. He has also been actively involved in: fighting sectarianism within Islam having engaged in bridging the divide between Sunnis and Shias, dispelling misconceptions and advocating mutual understanding and respect; building bridges to harmonize Hindu-Muslim relations in India; redressing grievances, voicing legitimate concerns and empowering minorities in India and USA; improving Indo-Pak relations and cooperation among south Asian countries for constructive approach in nation building.
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