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Bedroom Redux (1)

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I was never very happy with the bedroom, and finally had a good reason to fix up the little things. The bedposts were spindly, and I've already talked about the dresser. But the cat needed a basket to sleep/hide in, probably the most important thing.

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  1. rowdyHarv, internet hit and miss 67 months ago | reply

    Just like real life, we must make sure the cats are happy! Great photo! The room looks amazing.

  2. Theresa Thompson 67 months ago | reply

    It really is incredible and your photograph makes it appear so warm and cozy...

  3. Just Katety 67 months ago | reply

    Oh good, even fake cats want to be happy!


  4. oh-anne 67 months ago | reply

    Yes, about keeping the cat happy! otherwise she'll take her little tiny claws to the rug! this is lovely!

  5. blairdashpb art 67 months ago | reply

    aw can i move in?

  6. amyla174 67 months ago | reply

    Thanks! Well we know, this is not a happy house or dollhouse if my Solomon is unhappy...

    Thanks Theresa! The photos are actually the one way to shrink down and walk around inside, and exhaling doesn't knock all the little things over too...

    Thanks Anne! If the tiny cat is anything like the full-sized one, the rugs and the sofa are doomed...

    Thanks so much Mary!

    Of course! Though the lack of electricity and running water could prove problematic...but the bed has a real padded mattress, and the drawers and cabinets open. Imagine if we really could, and found out that the magazines don't open, and the toast is cork and paper...very Twilight Zone...

  7. Gods Flying Flowers.etsy 67 months ago | reply

    this is incredible! so much detail makes it look so real!

  8. amyla174 67 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much! Your butterflies are so absolutely amazing-all who read this--you must see them!

  9. blythesnob 67 months ago | reply

    so lovely!!!!!!

  10. amyla174 67 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much!

  11. nbklx17 (Sandy) 67 months ago | reply

    What a wonderful space! The coziness factor is a 10 out of 10!
    If you could just get some water and electricity in there! LOL!

  12. amyla174 67 months ago | reply

    Thank you Sandy! It's funny, there's the dhouse, and then there are the photos of the dhouse. The dhouse is a dhouse, but in the photos it's a real place! Electricity and water would probably push me over the edge!

  13. naicomenó 67 months ago | reply

    It's incredible!!! So good!

  14. tickled pink1 67 months ago | reply

    what a cozy bedroom! i like the mini to the second power dollhouse ;)

  15. redrickshaw 67 months ago | reply

    I spy a dolls house! (or two!)

  16. amyla174 67 months ago | reply

    Thanks you all! It's been nothing but joy!

  17. Rainbow Mermaid 66 months ago | reply

    Gosh I love this... It really is utterly amazing!

  18. amyla174 66 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much, RM!

  19. Brat Girl 1974 50 months ago | reply

    That little cane basket is so cool!

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