And the doilies ate my sofa..

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    A little while ago I bragged that once I covered the cat scratches with flea market doilies, Solomon lost interest in the sofa as scratching post.

    Well, turned out, he just moved it south.

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    1. amyla174 67 months ago | reply

      Thanks y'all!

      Just be careful, they'll take over the house if you let them!

    2. autywon 66 months ago | reply

      awesome idea!

    3. maricotinha 64 months ago | reply

      hey, it's a very good idea! Thanks for sharing!

    4. elsiemarley 64 months ago | reply

      shut. up. that's awesome.

    5. amyla174 64 months ago | reply

      Thank you! Born of desperation, too!

      Thanks so much! If I keep adding, I can take away the sofa and I'll bet the doilies will stand on their own!

      I had no idea so many people would ever see it!

      Thank you!!

      When I first started, I got a lot of funny looks around here. But now I'm starting to feel better about it!

    6. saganaga 61 months ago | reply

      how clever !

    7. amyla174 61 months ago | reply

      Thanks Saganaga! (it's born of despair too-the great motivator!)

    8. 3 Graces 58 months ago | reply

      this is genious! i'm on a quest for doilies, however, by the time i'm done i think i will have covered an entire sofa and two chairs...and then there's the coffee table and, well basically all wood surfaces...there is no end in sight!

    9. amyla174 58 months ago | reply

      This is so funny-I was just sitting here showing my Mom your beautiful gallery, and I wanted her to see your latest show posted on Flickr too-and there you were!

      I know exactly what you mean, I sometimes think that if I were to take away my furniture, all the embellishments would stay fixed in space and I could still sit down and read a book and drink some coffee. It's hard to know exactly when to stop!

      So looking forward to the next Teeny Tiny art show!

    10. 3 Graces 58 months ago | reply

      yay! i'm so excited for the show too! i've been thinking about display ideas for your pieces! (i just purchased three doilies this morning, ha!)

    11. nbklx17 (Sandy) 56 months ago | reply

      I'm back to say Congratulations on this picture making it to Apartment Therapy L.A. WooHoo!!

    12. amyla174 56 months ago | reply

      Crazy, no?! I knew there were going to be lots of comments from the doilie dissers, but I stayed strong!

    13. hello_lovelies [deleted] 49 months ago | reply

      This is wonderful!

    14. sandmaidensleepwear 47 months ago | reply

      oh my goodness, I adore that sofa! I am crazy about that sofa..... I may even copy your idea which i very rarely do. thank you for including my linen shorts!

    15. Cheetah 45 months ago | reply

      Love it! For those of us who want to save our beloved sofas with the same technique, how did you affix the doilies?

    16. amyla174 41 months ago | reply

      Cheetah-I'm so sorry-your comment got swallowed up in the Flickr abyss! If you're still there-I just stitched them with thread that matched the sofa, with a curved needle and the blanket stitch-

    17. MDI Native 35 months ago | reply

      Wow, clever idea! I just "googled" cat scratched couch cover ideas and your photo came up! Unfortunately, my couch set is a taupe suede that Cinnamon, my cat "adores"! He's ripped the arms and we've tried all the usual tricks. I think I'll try to find a patterned fabric to "imitate" yours. THANKS for the inspiration!

    18. amyla174 35 months ago | reply

      Solomon and Cinnamon would have a lot to talk about! When I was sitting on the livingroom floor stitching doilies onto my sofa I kept thinking that I had nothing but a couch to lose, but boy was I ever going to be sorry. But it's been a trip! And I've learned a lot about the world of doilies, another thing I didn't think i would get into. (I didn't think that there was a world of doilies). I hope you find the perfect pattern for your sofa!!

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