Rebuilding Europe's Competitiveness 2012
The European Union has played a central role in the stabilization and development of the region, bringing prosperity and peace to the continent. Yet, it is now going through its most serious crisis. The immediate concern lies with sovereign debt levels and their implications for the single currency.

Beyond short-term containment measures, it is essential to reflect on the deeper causes of this crisis. The competitiveness gap between European economies, which strains the economic and monetary union and compounds the trade deficit of the least competitive members of the Eurozone, is at the core of the issue.

“Rebuilding Europe’s Competitiveness” is an initiative started by the World Economic Forum to highlight successful strategies to foster competitiveness, with the ambition to strengthen the cohesion of the European economy.

Underlying issues of European identity and public support for the European project will define the way decision-makers approach these issues. To gain a better understanding of this phenomenon, the World Economic Forum will relay the voice of younger generations regarding the future of the European project.

The Italian economy is currently undergoing a phase of deep transformation while acquiring an increasingly strategic position in the Eurozone. It is, therefore, crucial to hear the voice of Italian and European experts to gain an in-depth understanding of how Italy can contribute to strengthening the European economy.

The World Economic Forum has created this meeting in collaboration with the Italian government. Prime Minister Mario Monti and other cabinet and government representatives will examine with Klaus Schwab and the participants what key steps are needed to strengthen competitiveness to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth across the European Union.
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