Salon Saloon // The Radio Show
Salon Saloon // The Radio Show
Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater

Baby, if you've ever wondered / wondered whatever became of me / I'm living on the air in Minnesot-y / Minnesot-y at the BLB. No, wait. That was WKRP in Cincinnati. Well, whatever. For our February show, Salon Saloon is joined by Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber and KFAI's Crap From the Past to celebrate that show's twentieth anniversary, and the medium of radio itself. Left-of-center music, personal narratives, inflammatory political talk, sound effects, organ chords, dedications to loved ones, and crime-fighting serial heroes have all found a home on the radio airwaves. They will all find a home on this month's show, as well. Gerber will trot out some truly amazing musical selections and tell the story of his show, and a lineup of guests working in radio will bring their expertise, as well. Get ready for an evening of the best diction you've ever heard emanating from the BLB stage.

Salon Saloon is a public program by Works Progress
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