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Architecture Details Through Time | by Far & Away (On assigment, mostly off)
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Architecture Details Through Time

@ Chicago, Illinois. USA

"Wisdom is the power to put our time and our knowledge to the proper use".


About the great clocks:

The clocks weigh about 7.5 tons (that's 15,000 lbs) each.


Designed by the firm of Daniel Burnham


Four (4) is depicted as 'IIII' instead of 'IV' likely to avoid confusion with the six (6) 'VI'


The corner of State and Washington became a popular meeting spot for people, who would often leave notes for one another on the store windows. Field's wasn't too happy about this so had the clocks installed to promote punctuality.


The "Great Clock" was installed November 26, 1897, 116 years ago this month.


There is a Rockwell painting, The Clock Mender, which depicts the iconic clocks for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. Rockwell donated the original painting to the store where it hung on the seventh floor. When Target sold Marshall Fields, the new owner discovered that the painting on display was a reproduction. There was part of a back-and-forth series of issues/drama between the two parties, but eventually Target donated the painting to the Chicago History Museum.


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Taken on August 28, 2012